Firouz FarmanFarmaian

"FarmanFarmaian's multimedia works revolve around the ideas of movement and memory as they apply to the life and consciousness of a self-identified nomad. " ​ The Huffington Post lives and works in Tarifa, Spain and Paris, France.

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Foroozan Shirghani

She was born in Shirvan in 1980. Foroozan received her BA in painting from Art & Architecture University in 2004 and her MA from Alzahra University in 2008. She has showcased her work through many solo as well as group exhibitions in Iran, India , Italy and USA.

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Wahed Khakdan


Wahed Khakdan (Painter–Illustrator) was born in 1950, Iran. Since early stages of his life, Khakdan became fascinated with art, props and different materials. The passion, which came from his family, has directed him to choose art as his major.

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Amir Salamat

Amir Salamat was born in Tehran, Iran, where he has begun his oil painting journey at age 15. His early paintings were in the surrealistic style, highly influenced by Salvador Dali. As he moved forward, he started to study other painters such as Miro, Klee and Picasso. And from there, while maintaining a certain surrealistic approach, his work became more linear with brighter colors.

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Sam Nejati

Sam Nejati is an Iranian visual artist who lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area. His large-scale paintings draw upon his heritage and Eastern philosophy to explore the shared emotional and spiritual elements of human existence.

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Lion Woman

Najva Erfani holds a BA in Graphic Design, and a MA in illustration from Art university of Tehran. Since 2005 she has participated in many solo as well as group exhibitions to showcase her pieces.

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