Reza Azimian

Reza was born in 1977 in Hamedan, Iran. He is a self-taught painter with a focus on showcasing human’s psychological challenges.

Azimian is very interested in exploring the impact of technology on human’s behavior and how the society leads people to have an isolated lifestyle.

By using digital related elements in his arts, Azimian has tried to build a bridge between technology and the loneliness of contemporary lifestyle.


Select if | Reza Azimian | Oil on canvas | 2009

The entire journey of Azimian artworks from the beginning to present shows the growth of global evolving community which generation by generation has gotten a new and different vision.

In recent years, his works have been exhibited widely, exposed in art fairs worldwide and placed in prominent collections inside and outside Iran.


Standby | Reza Azimian | Oil on canvas | 2010