ZH, a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 by a group of dedicated Iranian artists and art enthusiasts in Los Angeles, CA, strives to enrich and promote Persian art, culture, and community through its various initiatives.

Our name, “the letter [ژ] in Farsi,” and our philosophy are both inspired by the legacy of the book “Arzhang,” meaning “Worthy.”

Often referred to as the “Book of Pictures” Arzhang was illustrated by the famous artist and philosopher Mani in the first century AD and its influence is known to have traveled far and wide through centuries. A testament to the power of art, it is thought to be the origin of miniature paintings, and its journey to have inspired countless other cultural art forms across nations throughout the years.

Inspired by this legacy, our goal is to showcase the vibrancy and evolving nature of Persian art and culture globally while building bridges fostering community among artists and art enthusiasts across borders. Allowing art to become the bridge that connects people globally through its universal language, cultivating a future where the creativity of Persian art knows no borders and every voice, echoing the essence of Persian art, is heard, valued, and contributes to the harmonious tapestry of humanity.

We envision a vibrant and inclusive community that extends beyond borders, celebrates Persian contemporary art and artists, and promotes mutual understanding and appreciation that transcends cultural differences. We aspire to contribute to a global landscape where Persian art is not only acknowledged but cherished, fostering a harmonious exchange that reflects the enduring legacy of tradition while embracing the unfolding chapters of creativity in the contemporary world.

Fueled by the deep transcendent nature and impact of art, our mission is to showcase the evolving tapestry of Persian art and culture celebrated through a diverse range of artistic expressions. Showcasing emerging contemporary artists and providing an opportunity for them to share their stories and works of art with the community of fellow professionals, art enthusiasts, and aspiring artists. Playing a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of contemporary Persian art on the global stage.

Through our platform, online magazine, curated exhibitions, webinars, educational opportunities, and other innovative programs we are dedicated to empowering emerging and established Persian artists within Iran and the Persian Diaspora. Inspiring a mutual understanding and appreciation for the dynamic, evolving artistry rooted in the Persian tradition and allowing for a seamless connection between the richness of the past and the celebration of new emerging expressions, revealing the essence of our shared humanity.

Join us in fueling the flames of creativity and igniting positive change. Together, we can illuminate the world with the brilliance of Persian art and culture creating a world united in diversity and ignited by artistic expression.