Sasan Nasernia


Sasan Nasernia was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran. He began his career as a Calligrapher / Typographer.  He has explored different Persian and Arabic classical and modern calligraphy.

Since then he has expanded his expertise by adding painting both on print & digital platform, as well as installation. Nasernia, who has a BFA from Arts and Architecture University of Tehran; explores a myriad of themes in his practice.

He is broadly interested in playing with the tension between two opposing primordial elements of order and chaos.  Sometimes borrowing from traditional Persian paintings and iconography, he immerses these elements in abstraction and ambiguity, infused with his letter-forms.

Nasernia also employs the icons of our world – past and present – to create a visual lexicon of his own.  Nasernia’s approach to calligraphy has always been a personal journey to find novel ways to create letterforms out of the most contemporary concepts. By deconstructing the rules of Arabic and Persian calligraphy and by borrowing from the earliest types of this form of art he has developed his signature typeface, which he playfully calls “Crazy Kufic”.

According to Nasernia, “Crazy Kufic” and its unique characteristics allow the artist to explore the concept of fluidity and uncertainty in our natural as well as extramundane worlds. In his recent attempts, he tries a new approach towards the structure of his calligraphic art, where most times a text is completely devoid of meaning; while in contrast, an empty space or a simple symmetrical juxtapose may suggest a metaphysical conjecture or even an existential reason d’être.

He has showcased his work in multiple group exhibitions as well as solo shows in the Middle East. Nasernia currently lives and works in Vancouver.