ZH Magazine

Established in 2014, ZH Magazine is a non-profit and esteemed online magazine that aims to showcase the diversity of Iranian arts and culture, particularly emphasizing modern and contemporary art forms such as fashion, visual arts, folk traditions, and contemporary literature. The magazine’s primary objective is to introduce talented contemporary Iranian artists to the global art scene. It actively seeks out and promotes young and exceptional Iranian artists from various corners of the world, providing a platform to share their work with a community of fellow professionals, art enthusiasts, and aspiring artists. ZH Magazine believes that by doing so, it can contribute to the evolution and dynamism of modern Iranian art all over the world.

One of the core features of ZH Magazine is its commitment to facilitating connections between artists both within and outside of Iran. By providing a platform for artists to showcase their work, the magazine fosters opportunities for collaboration and exposure within the international art community. Through in-depth articles and exclusive interviews, ZH Magazine offers readers a deeper understanding and appreciation of emerging and well-established Iranian artists making significant contributions to today’s art world.
Additionally, ZH Magazine proudly presents its GOLD LIST of Top Contemporary Artists of Today.

Based in Los Angeles, ZH Magazine aims to promote Iranian culture and art to a global audience and to foster a sense of community and connection among artists and art enthusiasts. We are committed to presenting high-quality content that is both informative and inspiring, and we hope to inspire our readers to explore and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Iran.

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