Mohammad Hossein Emad

Mohammad Hossein EMAD was born in 1957 in Arak, Iran. He is one of the dominant figures among Iranian sculptors. Emad stunningly materializes his abstract vision and transfer that to unique sculptures.  

Babak Gharaghozloo

Babak Gharagozloo is an Iranian-American artist. Babak was born in 1974 in Tehran_Iran. He graduated from the Tehran University of Art and Architecture in graphic design. 

Yousha Bashir

Yousha Bashir is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tehran. He is a graduate of Graphic Design and Visual Arts. His works as well as experimental artistic projects have been featured in four solo exhibitions in Tehran, as well as many curated shows, both in Iran and abroad.  

Mohammad Alizadeh

Mohammad Alizadeh was born in 1983, Tehran – Iran. He is a BA graduate of "Sculpture" from Tehran University of Art, class of 2013. 

Kamran Sharif

Kamran Sharif

Kamran Sharif is an Iranian Sculptor born in 1978 in Tabriz- Iran. He graduated from Mirak art school in Tabriz. He opened his first private studio in Tehran. And currently he works and lives in Los Angeles, California. 

Soheyl Bastami

Soheyl Bastami was born in 1987, Sari-Iran. He studied Graphic Design at University. His passion for art has led him to begin making sculptures since 2009.