Short Documentaries: 
Harnessing the transformative influence of media, our program meticulously crafts compelling short documentaries that intimately explore the lives, creations, and imaginative processes of Persian contemporary artists across diverse realms such as visual arts, music, dance, literature, and beyond.

Our documentaries serve as a window into the multifaceted world of Iranian art, both within the borders of Iran and on the global stage. By fostering a profound understanding of the distinctive stories that shape the creative journey, we offer a platform for artists to share their personal and artistic odysseys.

In doing so, we not only contribute to a richer comprehension of Iranian art and culture but also actively participate in building bridges within the international art community. Our initiative acts as a catalyst for connecting audiences worldwide, creating a space where cultural exchange flourishes and mutual appreciation for artistic expression thrives.

Through the power of media, we bring the voices of emerging Persian contemporary artists to the forefront, celebrating diversity that transcends borders to create a truly immersive experience for our audiences. Join us as we inspire and connect through the universal language of art.

Webinars & Educational Program Series
We host a series of webinars and virtual master classes featuring experts, artists, and cultural practitioners. These webinars cover a wide range of topics, including Persian art history, cultural traditions, contemporary art movements, and more. Attendees gain valuable insights, engage in interactive discussions, and broaden their cultural perspectives.

Our educational series includes hands-on cultural immersion workshops designed to provide participants with practical experiences related to various art forms and cultural practices. From traditional art techniques to modern expressions, these workshops aim to encourage creativity, foster cultural sensitivity, and provide participants with new skills. In addition, our initiative serves as an educational cornerstone, supporting emerging artists in their career advancement and helping them establish successful careers within the art industry.

Finally, as part of our commitment to empowering the next generation, we offer youth-focused webinars and educational series that introduce young minds to the world of Persian contemporary art and culture, encouraging curiosity and open-mindedness.

Curated Events and Exhibitions
We curate a series of gallery exhibits and community engagement events, encompassing storytelling, artist talks, and interactive workshops, to actively involve the public and cultivate a profound appreciation for the featured artists’ creations. By harnessing the influential force of art, these events serve as catalysts for building connections within communities, fostering a lively and supportive atmosphere that benefits both artists and attendees.

Our exhibitions exclusively showcase the works of emerging contemporary artists, providing a dedicated space for them to display their creativity and unique perspectives. Collaborating closely with a diverse array of Persian artists working across various mediums, we ensure a dynamic and inclusive representation of emerging talent.

In addition, we aim to shed light on the lesser-known aspects of Iranian culture. We aim to explore and uncover the epic, folkloric, historical, and literary narratives that have played a significant role in shaping the nation’s identity. Through our efforts, we hope to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Iran.