Kamran Sharif

Kamran Sharif

Kamran Sharif is an Iranian Sculptor born in 1978 in Tabriz- Iran. He graduated from Mirak art school in Tabriz. He opened his first private studio in Tehran. And currently he works and lives in Los Angeles, California. 

Soheyl Bastami

Soheyl Bastami was born in 1987, Sari-Iran. He studied Graphic Design at University. His passion for art has led him to begin making sculptures since 2009. 

Shirin Abedinrad

Shirin Abedinirad was born in 1986, in Tabriz, Iran. Beginning her art career with painting, Abedinirad studied graphic design and fashion design in Iran with the research focus on conceptual art and its overlapping with fashion.  

Nastaran Safaei

Nastaran Safaei was born in 1984 in Tehran/Iran. Beginning her journey as a sculptor by experimenting with pottery and clay in 2000 she was mostly self taught in her experience until attending Parviz Tanavoli‚Äôs first series of sculpting workshops in 2006 focusing on the Bronze technique which resulted in her first solo sculpture exhibition at Assar art gallery. The successful show made her a member of the association of Iranian sculptors. 

Nazafarin Lotfi

Nazafarin Lotfi was born in 1984 in Iran. She is a visual artist and educator who lives in Chicago. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011 and her BA from the University of Tehran in 2007.