Shirin Abedinrad

Shirin Abedinirad was born in 1986, in Tabriz, Iran. Beginning her art career with painting, Abedinirad studied graphic design and fashion design in Iran with the research focus on conceptual art and its overlapping with fashion.

Abedinirad worked as a model and was chosen as the face of the United Colors of Benetton Fall/Winter International Campaign in 2010, inspiring her to create a multi-disciplinary body of work, including performance pieces throughout Iran, India, Spain, and Turkey.

She also studied video art under acclaimed Iranian director Abbas Kiarotsami, and began to conceive her thought-provoking installation works.   Abedinirad spent a year at United Colors of Benetton’s Fabrica research center, working on social engagement campaign and editorial department where she developed a wide range of art and communication projects and she wrote a book “Conceptual Art & Fashion in 21st Century” which published by Nazar Publications in Tehran.  Currently based in both Florence and Tehran, Shirin has continued focusing on her installation and video art.


“Mirrored Ziggurat” | Shirin Abedinrad | Installation


Left “Heaven on Earth” | Right “Mirrored Ziggurat” | Shirin Abedinrad | Installation

Shirin Abedinirad with a body of work encompassing sculptural and interactive installations, video and performance art focuses on the central concept of self-identity within the context of wider society. While her performance pieces confront issues of gender, sexuality and human compassion in her native Iran, Abedinirad’s video art pieces explore the notion of self and identity. Besides, her captivating, outdoor, mirrored sculptural installations engage viewers to consider the link between human beings and their surroundings, inspired by ancient temples, mirrored palaces in Iran that “amplify paradise” by attracting and reflecting light.

“Evocation” | Shirin Abedinrad | Land Art