Athena Jahantigh

Athena is a doctorate graduate in Art & Science of Art from Pantheon Sorbonne, France.

She has a long history of pursuing her education in Fine Art from Iran to France. And during all these years of education, she’s been pursuing her passion towards sculpture and making figures, as well.

She is now living in southern France and focusing on her long-term passion and making unique sculptures.

“The animal sculptures of Athena Jahantigh, who has resided in France since 2003, transport us back to an immense iconographic heritage, creating an inspirational and nostalgic bond with her native Iran, and marries to perfection her other great creative source of rock painting. The results are these little marvels of hieratic and callipygous animals with strong and sensual forms and a particularly modern sculptural presence.
These are thoroughly contemporary pieces, yet deeply rooted in an ancient culture!”
Nigel Atkins

“Her first pieces were created in Iran and were made of enameled earthenware in one bright and intense color. In France, her work evolved towards new finishes: in one, grains of Chamotte is revealed by scratching the surface; and in another, only traces of enamel are left in the creases after partially erasing areas of the surface. Her larger dimensioned, more recent pieces, are made of sandstone, or porcelain, where the animal’s body movement is accentuated by applying plates, cut into strips, to the leg and upwards.”
Nicole Crestou