Xamoosh was born in 1989, Tehran. He is a self-taught artist who started graffiti by putting his signature on the walls of Tehran in 2007. With more than a decade of activity in the writing of Persian murals, he became one of the pioneers and influential in this area.

Having created various graffiti styles, he decided to expand his career, using his love for painting as a fresh opportunity to gain new experiences and step into the field of urban art at a new level.
During these years he painted many walls in Iran and other countries like Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Georgia. He participated in group exhibitions in Europe and the USA and, his first solo show was in Tehran Seyhoun gallery in 2018. During the last few years, his active presence in the city was replete with creating images talking of social issues and cultural origins, generally bearing short but deep messages. The image of a lonely human in different situations is one of the remarkable points used by Xamoosh to transfer his message and abstract notions.

A part of his late works has been inspired by Iranian miniature and Persian poetry; He says: I have set up a special connection with the city and its streets beyond social rules and structures, always tried to add things to streets and receive others from them. This connection has been going on during these years, offering a great source of inspiration to me. I remember the day I was heading to Hafiz street by taxi, sunken in the thoughts that in centuries names have become places, losing their meaning more than before. In this collection, I have tried to illustrate a drop of the deep sea of Iranian culture, art, and literature from the perspective of Xamoosh.