Vahid Chamani

Vahid Chamani, Was born in 1984 Tehran, Iran. He is a painting graduate of class of 2007 Soureh Univesity. As an award winning painter, Vahid has pursued his passion in art by participating in many solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally.


Amino Acids | Vahid Chamani | Oil on Canvas

 My work on the whole talks about Iran’s present cultural situation which is disturbed by deep contrasts between tradition and modernism. We have somehow turned away from or traditional culture but at the same time been left behind by modernism. We have distanced ourselves from our beliefs and now stand far from them to be able to join in the global stream of modern cultures but it seems like we have failed in reaching both of them. May be this is because we are doubtful of this liberation and don’t want to separate from our past. This has out us in some kind of cultural gap where we can’t find our true place in western modernism. I try to show this gap in my works, my dark and even colored backgrounds show a theme of having no place and time, where people are doubtful of their identity and worried for their future. Some figures and faces are shown with two different sides which show their stressed minds. Some eyes are blind and some show disappointment with traces of scares they have on their hearts and souls, few have hopes.

-Vahid Chamani