Soudeh Davoud

Soudeh Davoud born in 1988 in Tehran, Iran, and from an Iranian-Kurdish family.

Soudeh studied Bachelor’s degree in painting from the Tehran university of science & culture and a Master’s degree in painting from the Islamic Azad University in Tehran.

Her art has been exhibited in solo and group shows across Iran, Europe, and the USA.

Turquoise | Color Pencils on Cardboard | 28x90 cm | 2020

Turquoise | Color Pencils on Cardboard | 28×90 cm | 2020

Untitled | Mixed media on Cardboard | 28×87 cm | 2020

Untitled | Pen on Cardboard | 20 x 65 cm

My works have always been about women- who were, or are, around me.
Women who were or are fighters in patriarchal societies struggling courageously for their homeland, and their right to live.
History is sometimes repeated; a repetition for the women of my country.
Sometimes Hijab (Islamic veil) is removed, and they are given the right to appear in the society, and later the right is taken back.
However, there always were women who were the missing half of the history of my country; those who were the fighters, those who took a step for their country and were yet not talked of due to issues such as religion, and politics.
In my last collection, I have referred the occurrences happening in my country to the history, so that it can be a reason to remember the heroines of my country; heroines who are constantly fighting for their right to living in the society.

Soudeh Davoud