Somy Samani

Somy Samani is an accomplished artist. She has honed diverse skills in her artistic journey. She earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Sooreh University. Later, she obtained a master’s degree from Ferdousi University. Her career spans several areas. These include photography, fashion, and makeup artistry.

Samani has spent recent years focusing on conceptual self-portrait photography. This unique art form has captivated her. She collaborates with various clothing brands, showcasing her photographer and makeup artist talent. Meanwhile, she has stepped into the NFT market. She has found success, selling her art to collectors and interior designers worldwide.

Her work often portrays women against the backdrop of a historical period. She aims to shed light on their social conditions and their limitations. She also emphasizes the discrimination they experience. Her photography brings to life contrasts. These include tenderness against violence, beauty against ugliness, and light against darkness. She also contrasts secrecy with revelation, presence with absence, and existence with oblivion.

Samani draws inspiration from watching women. She reflects on her own social and political situation and family conditions. These come from the society she grew up in and still lives in. Iranian classical music and poetry hold a special place in her heart. Since childhood, these art forms have influenced her image selection and genre.

In her artistic process, Samani plays many roles. She designs and builds decorations. She also creates clothing designs and headpieces. Moreover, she applies makeup and takes photographs. Afterward, she manages post-processing and retouching. This all-around involvement in her art lends it a deeply personal and authentic touch.