Shahriar Ahmadi

Born in Kermanshah in 1977, Ahmadi completed a Bachelor of Painting at the College of Fine Arts, the University of Tehran in 1997, and went on to obtain a Masters in Painting at the Tehran University of Art in 2002.

In his works of abstract expressionism, Ahmadi uses some principles of miniature and is inspired by the secret teachings of Iran and Gnosticism and poetic and epic writings such as Rumi. Persian calligraphy has always been used in his artworks.

During his art and exhibition experiences, he continued to teach art. He formed an art group called “Badaneh,” which consisted of Bijan Akhgar, Azadeh Razaghdoost, Maedeh Avini, and himself. In 2003 he married his friend and supporter Azadeh Razghdoost.


Shahriar Ahmadi has exhibited consistently for the past years both nationally and internationally, particularly in Tehran, Dubai, and Switzerland.
Exhibitions, teaching, and his works in international auctions have made him one of the most prolific Iranian artists. His works are to be found in public and private collections in Iran and abroad, among which mention should be made of the collection of the Tehran museum of contemporary art (TMOCA); Farhangestan Honar, Tehran, Iran; DD Museum Mazandaran, Iran; Salsali Museum, Dubai; The Art Bridges Foundation, Switzerland; The Tiroche Deleon collection, Spain.