Sara Naeini

Sara Naeini born on 22nd of Jun 1981.number one champion of Iran in gymnastic since she was 8 years old.
She interred the world of music when she was 18 by performing solo in a private concert held in a house, lasting 3 nights, each night 2 performances.
After that she participated in many albums and concerts as a back vocalist, and worked with some bands as a member. Bands like Piccolo (pop rock band. their album will soon release) and Rama (pop. the album was released some years ago).concerts with singers like Alireza Asar (in Milad hall) and Khajenouri brothers (Sad abad palace). Albums she has been in, are a lot. But two of the good ones are the latest album of Hami and Varan band, their first album.
She also has a solo album ready that was first played on her interview with BBC about 3 years ago.

Esharate Nazar

Esharate Nazar | Sara Naeini


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