Salim Salehi

Salim Salehi was born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran. He has a bachelor’s degree in visual design and holds an Illustration master’s degree in animation from the art and architecture department of the Azad University of Tehran.

His work recently has been exhibited in the “IranShahr” art gallery in Tehran as part of a “Quietism” collection. In all the years of Salim’s professional work, the most interesting subject has been the creation of The Animal World. To allow us to see the world from the animal point of view, feel their perspective, instinct, and behavior has made this a particular art showcase that shows the depth of his understanding of figures and behavior of animals. In his own words, the goal of every artist is to create the intangible world in their mind in the form of a tangible world.

Special Thanks to Sheri Saadat