Hamid Pourazari

Born on August 5th, 1968 in Rey – Iran. Graduated from Tehran Azad University in Theater. Member of the board of Iranian theater Forum. Member of the board of directors of the Iranian Theater Forum. Theater and Acting Instructor.

“Theaters can role as a tool to derive a much better society, country or even a better world. This is what I believe in.
Theaters are not just a stage for my profession. It is my “love” and my “life”. I find my character in theaters and it gives me the ability of improving my concepts to my community. Theaters are like a window in a room, metaphorically; when you stand in front of it, you can see another perspective and your visions become more profound.”
Hamid Pourazari


Hamid PourAzari | Sâl Sâniye | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh

Hamid Pourazari is known for the unconventional projects he stages in bars, garages, and apartments & etc.He often elaborates his pieces through workshops for young professional and amateur actors and successfully combines his enthusiasm for the transforming power of theater to high artistic ambitions.


Sâl Sâniye | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh


Sâl Sâniye | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh

His latest project is «Sâl Sâniye», a work created in Tehran with a team of ten young female performers and was staged in Switzerland in “Spektakel Theater Festival”.
Currently, “Sal Saniye” is on stage in Tehran. He decided to perform his show on a tennis court in Sa’d Abad Palace.


POST BIL (1998)
BEAR (2000) Written by Anton Chekhov, Fadjr festival of universities, chosen as the best work in the festival.
BEFORE THE BOMBARDING (2001) Written by Mohammad Rahmanian, Fadjr festival of universities.
ONE MANSERVANT AND TWO MASTERS (2001) Written by Carlo Goldoni, In Iranian Festival of traditions and Customs, Chosen as the Best Director, Best actor, Customs designing and music.played in Cartage Festival in Tunisia, General audition in Sangalaj saloon in Tehran.
ANDERANIK (2002) Written by Hossein Mahkam, Fadjr Festival 2002, General audition in saloon no.2 Shahr Theater of Tehran in 2003.
WHATEVER YOU WANT (2003) Written by Majid Heydari adopted from 12th Night Comedy by Shakespeare, Festival of Traditions and Custom, Chosen for: Actress 1st place, Actor 2nd and 3rd place, directing 3rd place, Scenario 3rd place, General audition in Sangalaj Saloon in 2004.
THE STORY OF JUNGLE (2004) Chamber of Art-Tehran for Children.
LAST SCOUT (2004) Tehran Art and Architecture University.
HAMLET ACCORDING TO BAYRAM KHAN (2006) Written by Nashmine Norouzi, Private Audition.
STORY OF OUR CITY (2006) Joint directing with Aidin Olfat, Karnameh Festival, Arasbaran Cultural Center.
THE LITTLE PRINCE (2003) Working with 10 to 15 years old children, Arasbaran Cultural Center.
THE IMIGRANTS (2004) Written by Hedayat Hashemi, Fadjr Festival 2004, General Audition in saloon no.2 Shahr Theatre of Tehran.
THE BOORS (2007) Written by Carlo Goldoni, Translated by Ali Rafi’ee, Fadjr Festival 2007, General audition in Saye saloon – Shahr Theater of Tehran.
HOSSEINGHOLI THE MAN WHO DID NOT HACE LIPS (2008) Based on the poem by Ahmad Shamloo, General audition in Molavi saloon.
INCREDIBLE STORY (2008) Working with a student of Tehran Medical University.
OEDIP (2009) Written by Mohammad Zaman Vafajouei and Nashmine Norouzi, Based on the play Oedipus the king, general audition in Bahman cultural complex.
U-TURN (2010) Written by Ali Tabatabaei – Farshad Jafari – Frough Farhang – Nima Dehghani, General audition in Amirkabir University Parking.
GRANDMA: A PREFACE (2003) Written by Hossein Mahkam, Fadjr Festival 2003.
WHY LYING? (2010) Written by Bahman Farmanara, Leave Group Monologue Festival, Entezami Saloon – Khaneye Honarmandan
CHALK CIRCLE (2011) Written by Nashmine Norouzi and Mohammad Zaman Vafajouei, Based on the Caucasian Chalk Circle written by Brecht, General Audition in Bahman cultural complex.
DREAM, NIGHTMARE, WOMAN (2011) Directing with Soroush Milani Zadeh, Motion pictures. Mohsen Gallery.
VIRTUAL CITY (2011) A performance in East Gallery, Tehran.
CONCERT AND PERFORMANCE OF ANDALUSIA BAND (2011) Ivane Shams Concert Hall – Tehran.
UNFINISHED DREAM (2012) In Lift Festival in London/ United Kingdom. With 14 performances in different places like a shopping mall, the center of the city, train station and…
HOUSE OF OBLIVION (2012) A performance in EAST Gallery, Tehran.
A NIGHTMARE (2013) Result of a Workshop with young people in Shiraz
RETURN TO HOME (2013) Working with the young people of a small city in Iran and performed in an old historical house in Neyriz-Fars.
A HOUSE BUILT ON THE WATER (2013) Written by; Ehsan Shayanfard, Andishe Cultural Complex, Tehran.
MINA Bldv, NAJI St, ZAFAR (2013) Written by; Pouria Kakavand, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran.
I’m an illusionist wolf(2014) Performance with the group of Afghan teenagers, Based on a poem “I’m an illusionist wolf” by Elyas Alavi. Mohsen Gallery, Tehran.


Special thanks to Alborz Teymoorzadeh & Pooyan Bagherzadeh