“Ryuksana: A Reflection of Identity, Heritage, and the “Women, Life, Freedom” Revolution through Digital Art”

Roxana, also known as “ryuksana” on social media, is a talented artist with a deep passion for Persian art culture and its creative community. Born in Tehran in 1990, she has lived in Cologne, Germany, since 1994. From a young age, Roxana has been drawn to the art world and has been honing her skills ever since. She studied Communication and Design in Düsseldorf and is continuously dedicated to her craft, always looking for new ways to express herself and connect with her audience. In 2021, she transitioned from traditional to digital art, and her work is often inspired by music, lyrics, poems, and her own emotions.


Despite her love and admiration for her cultural heritage, Roxana has been disheartened due to Iran’s current political situation. Through her art, she aims to reflect her unique perspective on life and express her emotions. Her art is a combination of traditional and contemporary art, which is a reflection of her background. Her style is unique and offers a fresh perspective on art. Roxana’s work is an extension of herself, celebrating her cultural heritage and experiences.