Reza nadimi

Reza Nadimi, born in 1980, has always been passionate about the world of Fashion and design. He got his BA in Industrial design in 2003 and started working as an Exhibit/Interior designer right after his graduation.

In 2007 he went to Paris to pursue his passion in Fashion design and joined the prestigious Studio Bercot.

Nadimi’s strong taste towards his heritage and culture has led him to create a very unique base for his work. He effortlessly manages to translate this inspiration into various disciplines of design.

His designs are progressive, and his aesthetic is ethereal and at the same time classic. His unique tastes of fabric have given his works a holistic vision of luxury.

“Reza Nadimi Takes Inspiration From The World Surrounding Him, Reflections Of His Inner Self And Thoughts Which Are Expressed Through His Sketches. He Creates Self Portraits Using Different Fabrics As His Canvas.”