Reza Baharvand

Reza Baharvand was born in 1976 in Iran. He graduated from the Isfahan University of Art with a BA in Painting and he pursued his continuing education at Tehran University of Art. After graduating, he began his professional career by holding exhibitions in prestigious galleries in Iran and other countries.

Since then, he has had few solo shows in Tehran and has participated in dozens of group exhibitions and art fairs in United States, Singapore, Lebanon as well as Iran. Some of his works are kept in art museums and private collections now. He is also a lecturer at Tehran University of Art and University of Science and Culture. He is a member of Iranian Painters Associations.

Reza Baharvand’s early works were more towards abstract style and since 2013 he has changed his artistic direction. In recent years, he has focused on war as a subject matter. His latest war series titled “Still Life” which was presented in Mah Art Gallery in 2017/Tehran.

“Every day, many people around the world see a lot of pictures and videos of war on TV or other media. Many people prefer to avoid that and a large number of them who may be impressed by these images and even sympathize with the victims at the moment, usually forget what they have seen just after a few minutes.

The fact is that the news channels have strongly reduced the enormity of war images by broadcasting them constantly. Which has created an indifference ambiance for the audience. I am trying to draw people’s attention to this issue. “