Rabi Zand

Rabi Zand is an Iranian Musician Born in Tehran-Iran.

She started learning of music at nine years old with playing of Santoor instrument.
She was learning Simultaneously “Orff music” and it’s musical instrument category and entered to musical institution when she was 11 years old and chose Qanun instrument and trained it with Mrs. Malihe saeedi. After that , She graduated from a course of Classical Music of western and traditional eastern musical courses in art high school and trained by great masters musicians.
After getting her diploma of music, she entered to Academia and she graduated in Iranian Music field (playing of Qanun).
She has also presented in concert and verification Festivals in different countries such as:
Iran, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Azerbaijan and presented as a Solist and Hospitality group and consonant.
She has also researched on how to improve the process of building for Iranian Qanun instrument by Seyf Allahe Shokri and she succeeded to optimize this instrument for better sound. She helps progress of Iranian culture with restoring and composing music for ancients Iranian instruments such as Mesopotamia Harp (Chang) and Arjan Harp.