Parnian Omidi

Parnian Omidi was born in Tehran, 1981. After attending different painting schools since early childhood, at the age of sixteenth, she started taking private classes with professional painters at the University of Tehran. Later on, she pursued her education in Art and earned her BA and MA in Fine art.

She also participated in some great artists’ classes such as Hannibal Alkhas and Vahik Hartoonian during her academic studies.

The first period of her artistic life coincides with losing her younger brother. An incident that eventually opened the door of western and eastern mysticism, yoga, and Zen to her life and tremendously influenced her work at the time. Elements such as silence, introversion and deep relationship with nature are the core of her paintings storytelling. Blending human bodies and nature that lacks any perspective or depth, play an integral role in her works. Exaggerating the texture and color are the most outstanding aspects of her work.

In the second chapter of her artworks, which is characteristically well distanced from the first, the concentration is over self-power, while an existentialist perspective is totally notable in her paintings. Her works during this period somehow reflect an attempt to explain the pain of human immortality and his struggle to survive.

It seems that a unanimous perspective is governing the ambiance of her paintings in this era.