Naser Malek Motiei

Iranian actor Nasser Malak motiei who appeared in over 100 movies and TV series, in most of which he played the roles of virile characters, died on Friday night, he was 88.

He was suffering from a kidney disorder, Persian media outlets announced.

Born in Tehran in 1930, he studied physical education at the Tehran Higher Education Center and pursued a teaching career as a sports theater at several of Tehran’s primary schools.

He later shifted onto cinema and made his debut in 1949 with “Spring Variety, an episodic film directed by Parviz Khatibi.

“I entered cinema with empty hands and lack of knowledge and unsupported, but with love.” Malakmotiei once said.

He worked in numerous movies such as “Baba Shamal” and “Toqi” by Ali Hatami and “Qeisar” by Masud Kimiai. The movies all were produced before the revolution in 1979.

“The Imperiled”, directed by Iraj Qaderi in 1982, was the first film Malek-Motiei acted in after the victory of the revolution.

Afterward, he faced an unofficial ban due to the new conditions dominating the post-revolution cinema.

In 2013, he returned to the silver screen in the role of an old man in Ali Atshani’s family drama “Negar’s Role” after a 31-year hiatus.

1949 Vareiteh bahar
1950 Vagabond
1952 The Enchanter
1955 The Crossroad of Events
1956 Accusation
1956 Seventeen Days to Execution
1958 Broken Spell
1958 The Runaway Bride
1959 The Twins
1959 Woman’s Enemy
1960 Quiter Before the Storm
1960 The Stars Glitter
1960 The Strong Man
1961 Bitter Honey
1961 The Bum
1961 Uncle No-Ruz
1962 The Merchants of Death
1962 The Shadow of Fate
1962 The Velvet Hat
1963 Aras Khan
1963 Men and Roads
1963 The Polite Ones
1964 Abraham in Paris
1964 The Pleasures of Sin
1965 A Perfect Gentleman
1966 Running Away from Truth
1966 Hashem khan
1966 Hossein Kord Shabestari
1969 Gheysar
1969 Kölen Olayim
1970 Avare asik
1970 Wood Pigeon (Toghi) – directed by Ali Hatami
1970 Dancer of City
1970 The Coin of Luck
1971 A Hut across the River
1971 Baba Shamal
1971 Gholam Zhandarm
1971 Kako
1971 Knucklebones
1971 Looti
1971 Noghre-dagh
1971 Pahlevan Mofrad
1971 The Bridge
1972 Ghalandar
1972 Mehdi in Black and Hot Mini Pants
1973 Sheikh Saleh
1973 Riot
1974 Agha Mehdi Vared Mishavad
1974 Oosta Karim Nokaretim
1974 Salat-e zohr
1974 Ten Little Indians
1974 Soltan-e Sahebgharan (TV mini-series)
1974 Torkaman
1975 Golden Heel
1976 Southern Fire
1976 Idol
1976 Deprem
1977 Baraj
1977 Sine-chak
1982 The Imperilled
2014 Negar’s Role