Mojtaba Adibi

Mojtaba Adibi was born in Mashhad and lives in Tehran. He started art activities by caricaturing for the local Khorasan Province (which is a province in northeastern Iran) press.

Later, he became interested in graphics. It has been a few years since he practiced typography professionally.
The relationship between letters and images is one of the major challenges that he always encounters in his designs. Therefore, he concentrated his efforts on discovering the unknown capabilities of Persian text and integrate typing and imagery. To do this with further freedom while harmonizing and integrating letters and images, he redesigns and restores them in the design process instead of using computer letters.

The restoration is continued where it is difficult to separate typing and image. This way, he implements better the idea that he has in his mind. His main idea is that images and letters are not apart from each other, but they are tangled together.
He started his work with cartoons and today tries to employ the sense of humor in his works tangibly.