Mohammad Ali Keshavarz

The legendary actor Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, famous for his roles in Ali Hatami hits such as “Mother” and “Hezardastan”, has died. He was 90.
Born in 1930 in Isfahan, Keshavarz began his stage acting career in 1948 and entered the world of cinema with “Night of the Hunchback” by Farrokh Ghaffari in 1964.
Keshavarz acted in many famous hits including “Mother”, “Hezardastan”, “Kamalolmolk” and “Delshodegan” by Ali Hatami, as well as “Through the Olive Trees” by Abbas Kiarostami.

The actor also played the role of Shakur in “Caravans”, a 1978 Iranian-American film directed by James Fargo based on the novel by James Michener. The movie was shot in Iran and the American actor Anthony Quinn acted in the movie, playing the role of Zulfiqar.
Keshavarz donated memorabilia to the Film Museum of Iran on his 90th birthday anniversary in mid-April.

Some of his certificates and the obituary of Shaban Ostadkhani (Ostokhuni), the villain whose role he played in Ali Hatami’s acclaimed TV series “Hezardastan”, were also among the donated items.

The contracts for several films and TV series in which he has acted, including “Mirza Noruz Shoes”, “Dear Uncle Napoleon”, “Sarbedaran” and “Sadeq Kordeh”, were also in the collection.

Also included were his ring, pen, eyeglasses, fountain pen, hat, and several other items.

Cover Photo by Babak Mani