Milad Aramnia

Milad Aramnia, an LA-based painter and visual artist, has a diverse portfolio across mediums and continents. Born in Tehran in 1983, Aramnia’s journey began with a BFA in Painting from Tehran Art University, followed by a postgraduate degree in Digital Illustration in New Media from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology. He then obtained an MFA in Intensive Studio Painting from the New York Academy of Art.

Aramnia’s experimentation with various materials, from traditional oil, acrylic, and watercolor to cutting-edge digital tools and virtual reality, has resulted in a visually stunning oeuvre. This versatility earned him the inaugural Virtual Reality Sculpting Championship title in New York City and Tokyo in 2019.

Aramnia’s recent “DeevGooneGi” exhibition was hosted in Los Angeles by Hamzianpour & Kia, marking his debut solo exhibition in the city. “DeevGooneGi,” a term coined by the artist, translates roughly to ‘beastlies’ — beasts insanely in love rather than cruel or coarse. Drawing inspiration from Persian mythology, Aramnia reinvents the image of ‘deevs’ or beasts, presenting them as shy, innocent, and sad creatures who often fall victim to the world around them.

Aramnia’s acrylic paintings are rich in color and light, bringing the mythical deevs to life in a captivating spectacle. These images serve as portraits of the creatures, self-portraits of the artist, and reflections of the viewer. By portraying the deevs in a compassionate and empathetic light, Aramnia subverts their traditionally villainous image to one that celebrates their liberty, intelligence, and benevolent ferocity.

Aramnia’s ability to masterfully weave together elements of post-impressionism, early modernism, and traditional Persian art forms lends his work a distinctive flair. He captures fleeting moments of intense connection, revealing reflections of ourselves and others in the gaze of the deevs. Aramnia invites viewers to step into a nostalgic, digital-mythical realm where they can reimagine life through the eyes of these misunderstood creatures.