Narguess Hatami – founder of Miahatami – was born in Tehran in 1981 in an artistic family. Her father is an architect and her mother is a fashion designer. After earning her scientific degree at one of the most prestigious pre-college institutions in Tehran, she decided to pursue her studies in Italy. She joined the Faculty of Humanities of the Università degli Studi in Bologna, following the Degree Course in Culture and Techniques of Costume and Fashion. Since then she realized her passion towards fashion and started developing it.

Narguess Hatami

She improved her desire for painting and drawing by the master Aydin Aghdashloo (painter, author, art critic, historian, and graphist). Hatami took her first professional steps in a variety of fashion houses like Paola FraniMassimo Giorgetti, and Marco Morosini.

Hatami’s eventful journey in fashion brought her to a turning point in her career history in Fall/Winter 2015-16 season when she founded “Miahatami” a brand of women clothing and accessories, officially.

“Miahatami” is a fashion line, which bridges Middle Eastern and European Design to one another. The result represents a perfect multicultural mix. The uniqueness of the brand is due to colors, patterns, embroideries, images, and charms that come from ancient Persia and the legendary of the Silk Road. The Miahatami collections have received a lot of accolades since early shows of the brand. In 2016, the brand won an award in “Who’s on Next” contest, sponsored by Vogue.”

Hatami’s endless desire for fashion is what leads her to pursue her dreams to create more exciting and collection series one after the other one.