Mehnoush Modonpour

Mehnoush Modonpour is an Iranian/Canadian artist with a passion for painting and sculpture.

She found her passion at the age of 10 while drawing in the classroom. In 1984, she moved to Paris to begin her post-secondary education in art and design. In 1987, she graduated in fashion design from “Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne”. She continued her art education in drawing and painting with the famous and contemporary artist, Parvaneh Etemadi in Tehran, Iran, and later she continued the visual art at the Central Technical School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Her artwork is influenced by her spirituality and human connectivity. She has gained insight into the meaning of human existence in a mysterious universe through her personal experiences. She uses inner-spiritual experiences as inspiration for her artwork. Some of her earlier artwork was influenced by nature (and its multiple manifestations) and also by ancient and symbolic designs and impressions.

Mehnoush had had exhibitions in Tehran, Guelph, Burlington & Toronto in the past 20 years.

She moved to Paris, France in 2015 to continue with great passion and enthusiasm for her experience and growth in Visual Arts.

“Born in Tehran, Iran, as a woman, I have experienced revolution, immigration and different cultures in varying phases of my life.

Throughout these experiences, my work has often gone outside the “traditional” boundaries of my culture. My work would seem to defy certain concepts that I have been taught to ‘obey’.

I have come to believe that ignorance is the source of human suffering. However, my work shows a break from my cultural traditions while also showing the consequences that come from ignorance. With my personal life experiences and understandings of different cultures and religions, I also believe in human connection and equality despite differences in ethnicity, gender, religion, and culture.

Therefore my work explores the relationship between human, it’s surrounding, and everything in between.”