Masoud Keshmiri

Masoud Keshmiri is an Iranian artist who was born in 1976. Kashmiri has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in graphics and a master’s degree in animation from Tehran University of Arts.

He presented valuable works in the field of graphics, illustration, and animation and showed his ability. His artistic background also includes the animated short “Painter and Bird.” Masoud Keshmiri’s work has been offered at many auctions multiple times. An exhibition of his works was recently displayed at the VillaSufia Gallery in Tehran.

Masoud Keshmiri’s paintings announce the emerge, share, and role of a talented and masterful painter, who, along with a noticeable number of other artists, are tending to realistic paintings and leave a remarkable result.
The paintings in this selection are generally made up of women and young girls who are often standing, and they are mainly focusing on his passionate desire searching in this field; paintings that are thematically and approach wise reminders of masterpieces by American artists in the ’50s and ’60s which were created by wealthy and artistic strokes. His genius in illustration could be traced back to this coordination with the above-mentioned works, which are a defining advantage for him and represent his honesty in this field despite being known as his drawback.
Women and girls in his painting are not often busy doing something special, and although it seems as if they have posed for the painter in ordinary everyday postures humbly and straightforwardly, it appears that they have been chosen and justified only for being a woman. When they are in a frame or an accidental moment of everyday life, they carry a desired and selected feeling of the painter’s from the surrounding area.
Masoud Keshmiri is also a talented sketcher, and besides some soft and easy sketches of people sitting in rooms and rooms awaiting people, he is an illustrator who has and is illustrating like last century comic books and illustrated stories quite deftly. This narrative nature of his works might be rooted in faraway masterpieces such as N.C WHITE and other gifted artists of the forties.
We must feel grateful and happy that a painter so skillful lives work among and is contemporary with us, an artist who has not left his talent and gift aside and forgotten it just for being a contemporary painter.

Siavash SufiNejad