Maryam Firuzi

Maryam Firuzi is a multimedia artist who works and lives in Tehran. Although her academic training was in Film (B.A) and Film Studies (M.A), graduating from Tehran Art University in 2016, her artistic field is not limited to filmmaking.

She also likes to examine and experience the medium in which she is working as a photographer and fine artist. Before going to Art University, Maryam had a long journey to discover herself. First, she tries to be a professional painter, then turning to Persian calligraphy, earning the highest degree in calligraphy, and eventually turning to creative writing. Many of her poems and stories have been publishing in Persian online magazines.

During her film studies, she got acquainted with a wide range of artistic fields and decided to combine them. Her first solo exhibition, Reading for Tehran Streets, was a combination of storytelling, poetry, and staged photography with social and cultural allusions in terms of staged photography. this series of photos won the Alfred Fried Peace Award in September 2018.
Her thesis for a Master’s degree was select as the best thesis of 2015 “Self-reflexivity in Iranian Cinema.” Besides, her latest short film, The Provisional Death of the Bees, was selected by a dozen film festivals and won numerous Iranian and international awards.
These days, her third solo exhibition will behold at the Silk Road Gallery.