Malekeh Nayini

Malekeh Nayiny was born in 1955 in Teheran, Iran. She obtained a B.A. in fine arts and photography from Syracuse University in 1978 followed by advanced photography at the International Center of Photography in New York, 1980-1982.

Updating A Family Album

Updating A Family Album

“One thing the serious study of analytic psychology tells us is that “there is always another side to something, whatever it is.” We are grateful to Malekeh Nayiny for sharing her vision of this ancient truth. Born in Teheran, educated in France, the U.K., and the U.S., she lives now in Paris. Taking as her springboard the ancient secret of Hermes Trismegistus, that “things above are copies of things below,” and vice versa, her art depicts in both serious and whimsical fashion, the presence of the mirroring opposite in each of us. We thank her for her art, and for her generous sharing it with the audience of the Jung Society of Washington.”Malekeh Nayiny had more than 100 art exhibitions all around the world: the USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, India, Arab Emirates, and Iran.

James Hollis

Her first work was a series of color photograms that were exhibited in the U.S and France. In previous years, she has been using digital photography for her various projects. Malekeh has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1981. Her work has been exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Dubai, and Tehran and she has been published in various magazines since 1983. Louis Vuitton Malletier, Smithsonian Institution, British Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Foundation Coff, Fnac, Musée Niepce, Chalon-sur-Soan, and Coca Cola Corporation all have her work as part of their Collections. Malekeh lives and works in Paris, France…


Née à Téhéran, Malekeh Nayiny a étudié les beaux arts à la Syracuse University (1974-1978), puis à continué à l’International Center of Photography à New York (1980-1982) où elle a suivi le programme d’advanced photography. Sa première exposition à New York 1982 consistait en une série de photogrammes en couleur. Elle s’est installée à Paris en1990 où, depuis elle vit et travaille. Son oeuvre a été exposé aux quatre coins du monde, de Londres à Téhéran, de Madrid à Dubaï, de New Delhi à Zurich et Turin. Des musées et des institutions tels que le County Museum (Los Angeles), la Smithsonian Institution (Washington), le British Museum, la fondation Coff ou encore le musée Niepce, la fondation Louis Vuitton et la fnac ont fait l’acquisition de certaines de ses images pour leurs collections d’art contemporain.