Mahsa Tehrani

Mahsa Tehrani was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. She lives and works in Tehran. Mahsa is a narrative artist; however, she does not follow a straight path of storytelling. She avoids applying particular or familiar forms and symbols that may easily give away the meaning and story within her paintings. Tehrani creates her very own framework of an imaginary world with no particular border and geography. Her paintings make a surreal combination between the influences of art history and the world we live in. Tehrani deliberately fails to meet the standard expectations of form and content to get an emotional response from the audience. This reaction can be a mixture of dislike and desire. A precarious and ambiguous situation on the border of life and death, both familiar and unfamiliar, both absent and present. Like the mysterious subconscious. She has been looking to romanticism while creating these works.
Mahsa has held several group exhibitions in Iran and Hong Kong. Her first solo exhibition was titled ‘Memories of the ocean swim meets’ at Bavan Gallery, Tehran (2020).