Mahsa Karimi

Mahsa Karimi is an Iranian visual artist based in Tehran. Karimi was born in 1981, currently lives and works in Tehran.

Karimi’s focus has always been on social issues with a touch of her experience with those topics. Day to Day Life matters is the main source of inspiration for Karimi’s artworks. She is famous for her ironic theme by picturing opposite sides of the same topic into a single scene.

Karimi began her art journey by attending Azadegan Art School and then continuing her education at Valiasr Art University with major in Graphic Design. Later on, she went to Australia to pursue her passion towards art even further at TAFE College.

Back in 2005, Karimi started to work professionally as an illustrator. As she moved forward she started to shift more towards painting as that discipline speaks with her ideas much better. During 2010 -11 she ran a couple of group exhibitions. And then she started back to back solo exhibitions:

2012 – “Afternoon Tea Will Be Provided” at Azad Art Gallery, a successful experience for Karimi with 100% sold out the result.

2013 –This series of her artworks had a complete personal concept, which was all about her fears, and ended up calling this exhibition “PHOBIA”.

2015– “Retail and Wholesale of Your Family Photos” was the name of her third solo exhibition. She focused on family matters and their relationship on this series.

2016–She had her fourth solo exhibition, which was presented, in Mehrva Art Gallery. The title of this exhibition refers to the hardships and difficulties that were imposed towards people including herself.

2017–The fifth show was very successful with nearly 300 attendees at the opening night. The exhibition was hosted by Dastan Art Gallery –Electric Room– and the title of the exhibition was “Their Chronic Conditions”.