Kourosh Bigpour

Born in Kermanshah in February 1980, Kourosh Bigpour embarked on his artistic journey at an early age. This journey has seen him traverse various realms of the creative world, from pottery to painting, calligraphy, and, eventually, graphic design. His Kurdish roots also led him to the tanbour, an instrument he continues to play to this day.

Kourosh’s commitment to the arts deepened significantly when he enrolled at the University of Art in 2003, culminating in a master’s degree in contemporary art and design in 2012. His most significant artistic influence, he notes, comes from his teacher, Master Ebrahim Jafari, under whom his passion for painting flourished, setting him on an explorative path that eventually merged calligraphy, painting, and design.

Kourosh Bigpour’s ‘Mandal’ exhibition at Avocartsy Gallery, a mesmerizing journey through calligraphy, painting, and design, garnered acclaim in 2023.