Interview with Farhad Re

Interview with Farhad Re

Farhad Re comes into fashion after his studies in architecture at the University of Rome; for this reason, he adores

Farhad Re comes into fashion after his studies in architecture at the University of Rome; for this reason, he adores and respects traditions, history, and rigor, and he puts all this in his sewing, with embroidery entirely made by hand. In traditional sewing, embroidery materials are sometimes used, and this research tries to put all these traditions in the modernity of their clothes.
The very complex cuts will have been inspired by the architectonic constructions that implement these collections, challenging to entrust to designers who do not have tremendous experience in sewing used the skills of artisans with a lot of experience. Still, often they are forced to forget the classic techniques and find alternative solutions to create clothes that they must always wear without having the classic cuts and shapes that we usually get used to.

In a couture dress, Farhad Re-sees a dress and an artistic expression shown by a dress, an emotion that should leave the viewer to sense (breathe), an unforgettable form of emotion!
The Farhad Recollections are almost exclusively in silk organza, a material well-loved by the designer because it allows him to build with incredible lightness, like new buildings that are very complex and high but simultaneously very light and transparent.


Farhad Retakes us into a daydream with his latest couture collection.
Warrior, avant-garde, both magician and elf, the woman Farhad Re imposes by her assertive character. In a world in upheaval, she drapes herself in her architectural dresses in triple organza silk, with impeccable volumes—a three-dimensional feat of silk shantung and mikado, which gives his New World Armor a captivating lightness.
The Others is the new generation of women, sensitive to hand-made, 100% natural fabrics, luxury materials, without compromising with originality and controlled eccentricity but always poetic.

ZH: Thank you very much, Farhad Re, for this interview! We’d to start by telling you more about yourself, your background, and your education.

I appreciate your interest in my work and this interview.
I started with the artistic high school about my studies, and then I went to the architecture university in Rome.

ZH: You studied architecture, and it shows in your clothing designs. Why did you choose to become a fashion designer?

I never chose to be a designer, but it happened; I don’t know when and why by a bit by chance and a little bit destiny!

ZH: What is your source of inspiration?

The world, the actuality, news, and knowledge of new places and people, I love traveling and even then this year and a half I had more than 15 travel, the different people and different way to live are my absolute inspirations.

ZH: Can you describe your creative process and studio?

It’s not very easy, because like all artistic things don’t have a rule, it starts and comes out of tissue-like sometimes from color and like sometimes by an interesting character or a film, for example, creativity is something magic because sometimes you think about a new collection for weeks and any ideas and in a while, during a dinner or a conversation, you realized that you have all the collection in your head!

ZH: Legends and goddesses seem to inspire your designs in the Haute couture collection. How did you come up with this fabulous idea?

After the architecture university, I worked for a few years as a set and costume designer for several opera houses; at that stage, I developed a lot of this side of history, drama, tragedy, and the spectacularity of the stage.

ZH: Tell us about the materials and technologies you used for this collection?

I love silk organza because it is very light and at the same time give you the possibility to fold and construction with this material, for example in the last collection I used around 500mt of organza, about the technology I really don’t use a lot of technology because my couture collection is entirely hand made, is complicated use technology, in this case, I love this side of my work because even us we are not able to reproduce a dress two times precisely in the same way!

ZH: What skills do you think are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

I don’t know, and it’s challenging, but in the end, everyone will find their way and road, but I think everyone wants to do this job must be able to create their imaginary world in which to sail to find ideas and inspiration, I believe my fictional world is very complicated because I always found something very new and strange for myself too!

ZH: What are your current projects, and What are your plans for your future designs?

I’m launching my Prêt-à-porter line for the distribution from next f/w22/23

ZH: And what would be your piece of advice for aspiring designers?

Who decides to do these jobs doesn’t listen to any advice as I did, but if I had to give a recommendation, I could only say to prepare yourself well before I am beginning, because once you start, you can’t stop!


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Interview by Ali Shahrokhi | Photos by Greg Alexander ©