Interview with Nobieh Talaei

At the age of 11, Talaei and her family moved to Berlin. She studied fashion at Esmod in Berlin, and her graduate men’s wear collection was one of the two chosen by Premium to be specially exhibited at the Berlin fashion fair in 2003. Later, she gained merchandising experience with a leading international women’s wear brand, followed by retail management positions with a luxury designer brand. Then came a short stint in interior design, during which she created timeless yet modern environments starring hand-chosen pieces of Bauhaus, Neue Sachlichkeit and 1950’s Scandinavian design.

These different chapters, she notes, all helped lay the conceptual and aesthetic foundations for her  company, which she founded in Berlin with a first NOBI TALAI image collection in 2015. The Spring/Summer 2016 NOBI TALAI collection marks the designer’s official market debut, and will be presented during Berlin Fashion Week in July in both a solo presentation and then as part of The Berliner (Mode) Salon at the Kronprinzenpalais.

Nobieh Talaei | Photo by Sonja Stadelmaier

Nobieh Talaei | Photo by Sonja Stadelmaier

ZH: How did you become a Fashion designer?

Being a fashion designer entails many things I love: it starts from designing, being conceptual, to having entrepreneurial skills. This is just a beautiful and rewarding job and I am working with many inspiring, creative and lovely people. I got in touch with the making of fashion when I was young and my grandmother used to sew a lot. Therefore I decided to study fashion.

ZH: What is your source of inspiration?

My nomadic heritage and their way of living is what inspires me in general. And of course the first decade from the last century.

ZH: As an expert fashion designer, how do you define FASHION?

I think this is very subjective. However in my humble opinion a good designer is able to communicate his or her point of view and takes the audience on a journey through their world.

ZH: Aside from Fashion, what is (are) your hobby?

I enjoy long walks with my dog Merlin, visiting flea markets as well as going to auctions to find rare objects which are related to my heritage. Also I just bought a “Go Cycle” which I take with me when I travel.

ZH: You’ve got inspired by your grandma whose background relates to Ashayer. How do you translate this inspiration into modern fashion design and what is the message (if there is any) that you want to communicate here?

To me this represents the look of the modern day nomad.

ZH: What are your plans for your future designs?

I am just at the beginning of a wonderful and interesting stylistic journey. I have many more ideas. They are a crossing of Occident and Orient.

ZH: And what would be your piece of advice for aspiring designers?

It is essential to tell your story. Love what you do and follow your heart. Let your origins be your travel companion.
But still it is necessary to collect work experience first.



Interview by Medea Mahmoudian & Ali Shahrokhi 

Video Direction :  Lapislazuli Films