Hedieh Lotfi

Hedieh Lotfi was born in 1987 Tehran, Iran. She is an MA Photography graduate from Art & Architecture University.

Photo by Hedieh Lotfi - ZH Magazine

To pursue her long-term passion towards art, Lotfi decided to choose Photography as her continuing education. She loves the opportunity that photography gives her by getting away from the reality of life and narrating her own stories in a creative way.

Photos by Hedieh Lotfi

Photo by Hedieh Lotfi

Photos by Hedieh Lotfi

During her journey, photographers such as Sally Mann and Emmet Gowin inspired her a lot. Then she started to explore lighting and learning more about photographers such as Gregory Crewdson. This wasn’t enough for Lotfi and to pursue her passion even further she started studying cinematography and ended up with making a short film called “ Invitation to a Trip”.
Exploring the world of ART is a never-ending road to Lotfi and every day is a new day for her.