Hameed Bahrami

Hameed Bahrami born in 1972. He is an Iranian filmmaker and visual artist based in Atlanta, United States. Bahrami received a B.F.A. in Painting from the Art University of Tehran.

He has worked as a visual artist and filmmaker for over two decades and has received numerous awards for his work, which include Tehran International Fajr Film Festival, Tehran international Animation Festival, Iranian Art Biennale…etc. In 2001, Bahrami founded his own production company, Bamdad Studio. His short-length film, The Traveler of the Horizon (2006), was the winner of the best short film Award at the Iranian International Film Festival [FAJR].

In 2007 Bahrami moved to the United States and started his collaboration with Turner Studios as a concept artist. Since 2008 he has had several group exhibitions such as Atlanta Gallery Association [2008]. School of Art and Design at Georgia State University [2009]. DK Gallery Atlanta [2013]. Den Gallery [2017] Kuwait. Galleries at MAS, AbuDhabi. Shara Art Fair, Jeddah. Start Saatchi Gallery, London, In cooperation with Hafez Gallery Jeddah, KSU, [2019].

Since 2016, Hameed Bahrami has had solo exhibitions such as: “All About Mockingbird” (2016) “Champions of the Shallow End” (2017) “ Chroma-Key [2018] In cooperation with Homa Art Gallery in Tehran.“