Interview with Farhad Re

Interview with Farhad Re

Farhad Re comes into fashion after his studies in architecture at the University of Rome; for this reason, he adores

Interview with Boshra

Interview with Boshra

Born in 1985 in Shiraz, Boshra is an Iranian poet, writer, actress, and model who was first introduced to Persian literature by her grandfather before starting primary school. She developed a precocious love of poets such as Iradj Mirza and Parvin E'tesami whose work inspired her to write her own poetry from a young age. Boshra later studied Children's Literature and Theatre at the BIHE University and eventually left Iran for the USA in 2009 where she currently resides.

Reza nadimi

Reza Nadimi, born in 1980, has always been passionate about the world of Fashion and design. He got his BA in Industrial design in 2003 and started working as an Exhibit/Interior designer right after his graduation. 


Narguess Hatami – founder of Miahatami – was born in Tehran in 1981 in an artistic family. Her father is an architect and her mother is a fashion designer. After earning her scientific degree at one of the most prestigious pre-college institutions in Tehran, she decided to pursue her studies in Italy. She joined the Faculty of Humanities of the Università degli Studi in Bologna, following the Degree Course in Culture and Techniques of Costume and Fashion. Since then she realized her passion towards fashion and started developing it. 

Narges Tafi

Narges tafi born in 1983 in Iran. She graduated in computer engineering from Mahshahr University in 2006. After graduation because of her great interest in Fashion Design, she had attended some designing workshops in Iran. 

Interview with Nobieh Talaei

A love of textiles and pure, archetypal forms runs like a thread through Berlin-based designer Nobieh Talaei's biography. Born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran, she grew up immersed in traditional handcraft and tailoring skills through her grandmother, a dressmaker of nomadic heritage who made all the neighbors' wedding dresses, Talaei recalls.  

Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Was born in 1978 Munich, Germany. Throughout the years, his work has grown into a luxury menswear label, reflecting Saberi’s personal and experimental take on handcrafted clothing.