Farnoosh Doroodgar

Farnoosh Doroodgar (Farren) is an Iranian artist, graduated with a master’s degree in economics and known for her digital art and portraiture. She is also known for the project “The Atlas of Beauty” since 2017.

She was born in 1989 in Tehran, Iran. She has been interested in painting since childhood and pursuing painting seriously since she was 24.
The digital painting was a revolutionary road in her career, enabling her to portray everything she had in mind in a new way.
She thinks that Digital art per se is capable of expressing art on a deeper level and provides many opportunities to demonstrate one’s imagination, which is rare in any other forms and mediums in art.

So that She can influence the surrounding people with it. As a middle eastern woman, The most significant concern living in Iran in recent years was to advocate for Women’s rights, and she has always sought this issue to demonstrate their inner feelings and emotions throughout her work.
She does believe that “eyes never lie.” The eyes have a language that needs to be heard, and her main aim is to express that voice to the world.