Farbod Khoshtinat

At his teenage years, he was the pioneer of Underground Film making in Iran and later founded Persian’s Underground Cinematic Arts. After he left Iran at the age of 19, he started his activities in an international level and the United Nations, Director’s Guild of America, and the Motion Pictures Association of America have screened his social and political short films, and Hillary Clinton praised a short animation he made for the U.S State Department. Through his partnership with Cannes awarded director Bahman Ghobadi, Farbod experienced working on many feature films with talents such as Monica Belluci and Dominic Purcell. In parallel with festivals and nonprofit art, Farbod has worked in the entertainment industry for 12 years doing music videos for internationally renowned artists like Snoop Dogg & T-pain and commercials for high-level clients like Malaysian airports & the government of Kurdistan. Farbod’s videos have more than 200 million views on youtube in total.