Esmael Bahrani

Esmail Bahrani, born in 1978, is an Iranian artist. He entered Tehran University of Art and Architectural, but quickly left school and pursue his goal.

In the early 2000s, he discovered graffiti through the Western press. He became fascinated with this art and started painting on street walls in several cities at night.
His powerful artworks were like a cry against the tyranny of the rulers.  In 2005, he presented paintings for the first time in a group exhibition at the Azad Art Gallery in Tehran. His solo exhibition was successful in 2012 at the Dastans Basement Gallery in Tehran.

In 2007, he came to France for the first time. Invited by the artist Hervé di Rosa, he invented the MIAMI as part of a collective exhibition. He is the only artist from the Middle East to exhibit his works at the Tag at the Grand Palais 2009. Invited by the Institut Monde Arabe in the spring of 2015, he seized his chance. Tired of the current situation, he decided to leave Iran and come to France. Refugee in Paris, he now develops his art where East and West collide, ancestral myths and punk rebellion, outsider art, and street art. The artwork of Esmaël Bahrani has been represented for several years by the Berthéas gallery both on the international markets.

Crédit photos : Courtesy Gallery Berthéas