Daryoush Gharahzad

Daryoush Gharahzad was born in 1976 in Tehran. After finishing high school, he started pursuing his passion and took classes by the masters of painting.

During those early years of practicing, he tried different painting styles. Gharahzad’s unique vision led him to practice graphic design and later on work with Design studios in addition to his painting activities.

Working in both fields of Painting and Design for more than a decade has given a unique perspective to Gharahzad’s artworks. Later on, he has pursued his unique style to demonstrate a youthful side of Iran’s contemporary culture, inspired by graffiti that pops up all over the streets of Tehran.

Gharahzad has showcased his artworks in both local and international exhibitions. Among his long list of exhibitions and international presence, Christie’s (Dubai) and Sotheby’s (London) are seen, as well.


Left: “Identification Series ” Right: “Identify Series” Daryoush Gharahzad | Oil on Canvas


“Identify” Daryoush Gharahzad | Oil on Canvas


“Identification Series” Daryoush Gharahzad | Oil on Canvas