Bahman Mofid

Bahman Mofid was born on July 27, 1942, in Tehran, Iran. He is known for his work on Brothers in Blood (1975), Meshki (1975), and Dash akol (1971). He was married to Sodabeh Karimi. He died on August 16, 2020, in Tehran.

Bahman Mofid, a star of director Masud Kimiai’s cult film “Qeisar”, died of lung cancer at his home in Tehran on Sunday. He was 78.

He was born into an artistic family in Garakan, a village near Arak. His father, Gholam-Hossein was a stage director and actor. He was the brother of Bijan Mofid, a celebrated playwright and staged director, and Ardavan, an actor. His sister, Hengameh, is also a poet and a songwriter.

Mofid commenced his acting career from childhood in his father’s plays. He made his debut by playing a minor role in a play named “Yusof and Zolaykha” when he was only four or five.

Later he collaborated in several puppet shows as a singer and voice actor.

He received a degree from the College of Dramatic Arts at the University of Tehran, and along with his father and brothers established a troupe, whose members also included celebrated actors such as Behzad Farahani, Reza Mirlohi, and Bahram Vatanparast.

Mofid made his debut in cinema in 1969 by playing a cameo in “Qeysar” starring Behrouz Vossoughi and Jamshid Mashayekhi.

His humorous dialogue with Vossoughi, who starred the title role, changed into an unforgettable chapter of Iranian cinema.

The dialogue had been added to the screenplay based on a proposal by Mofid. Masoud Kimiai, a pioneer of the Iranian new wave cinema, also hired Mofid for his next film “Dash Akol” written based on a story by eminent author Sadeq Hedayat.

In addition, director Ali Hatami picked Mofid for his 1970 drama “Toghi” and 1972 “Qalandar”.

The golden age of Mofid’s acting career was over after the 1979 Islamic Revolution

  • Gheisar (1969)
  • Reza Motorcyclist (Reza Motori) (1970)
  • City Dancer (Raghase-ye Shahr) (1970)
  • The Ring-necked Dove (Toghi) (1970)
  • Se-Ghap (1971)
  • Rashid (1971)
  • Bridge (Pol) (1971)
  • Scream (Faryad) (1971)
  • Dash Akol (1971) as “Kaka Rostam”
  • Baba Shamal (1971)
  • Reza Haft-khat (1972) as “Reza Haft-khat”
  • Sergeant Ghazanfar’s family (Khanevade-ye Sarkar Ghazanfar) (1972) as “Akbar”
  • Ghalandar (1972) as “Davood”
  • Mr. Mehdi enters (Agha Mehdi Vared Mishavad) (1974)
  • Jooje Fokoli (1974)
  • Parrot (Tuti) (1978)
  • Breathless (Nafas-borideh) (1980) as “Jalil”
  • Departure (Hejrat) (1981) as “Abdol”
  • Veiled Threat (1989) as “Haji Firuz”