Babak Haghi

Born in 1982 in Tabriz, Babak Haghi is a professional Iranian visual artist. He started professional photography in 2012 with theater photography. After that, he tried to find his language in Art. He held his first solo theater photography exhibition in 2014 in Tehran. His main concern is to express the dialect of the body, the femininity inside humans, and the reveal of identity with the use of photography and video art.

During this time, identity and body dialect have been his major subjects in different series. A dialect that does not require a language; a dialect to which anyone surrenders, and let’s reach down to the subconscious, their body will automatically start speaking. Body language can even be an expression of a human’s hidden identity, and this can be the reason to eliminate gendered borders and exhibit humans’ hidden (sexual) attractions.

Babak Haghi has held eight solo photography exhibitions in Tabriz (Shokri Art Gallery), Tehran (Atbin Art Gallery, Mojdeh Art Gallery), Shiraz (Aban Art Gallery), and London (The Little Black Art Gallery). Four of his artworks were shown in INDIA ART FAIR 2020 at the Italian embassy cultural center gallery. He has photographed more than 150 theaters in Iran and has participated in more than 60 group exhibitions in Iran, Canada, Turkey, India, and Sweden.

His recent passion is to experience manual printing techniques of his photos at his studio.