Aryan Vandi

Aryan Vandi was born in 1992 in Tehran. He received his BA in industrial design from Tehran Art & Architecture University, and at the moment, he is pursuing his MA degree in Nordic visual studies and art education from Aalto university in Finland.

As a visual artist, he has been experiencing a variety of approaches such as painting, illustration, and design to create images in analog and digital format. His works have been exhibited internationally in countries such as Iran, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Finland & Sweden & they are mainly recognized for their expressive and stylized personality, embodied with various characterized figures and hidden narratives. Besides his artistic activities, he has worked as a freelance illustrator by participating in multiple projects in children’s media, entertainment, and advertisement.

Being a self-taught artist made him more concerned about the phenomena of learning and practices to enhance creative visualization. He has also been professionally active as an art educator to that effect. He has been running courses at institutions, cultural spaces & private classes for both children and adults since 2014.