Anahita Skye

Anahita Skye’s new single, “Gold” releases worldwide Friday, September 7th; Raw, edgy and unapologetic, her vocals immediately draw you into a beguiling world washed with deep, resonant guitars as seductive as an unruly night in the California desert. LISTEN NOW

Anahita was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Iranian immigrant parents who embodied the American dream, instilling in her the faith to steadfastly follow her dreams. Being the only minority in a small Utah town was challenging as she felt isolated from her peers. She found comfort through music, and music became an outlet to transform her experience into art.

When she picked up the guitar at age 14 she realized she wanted to sing and share her story through songs. Inspired by 90s rock icons such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, she began performing and recording demos through her teen years. She decided to study music in college, during which she was given the opportunity to tour the West Coast and Europe as a member of the Fullerton Guitar Orchestra directed by David Grimes.

After college, Anahita moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an artist and songwriter and has since recorded 3 EPs, toured nationally and has written for numerous pop, indie, and EDM artists including progressive house DJ, Starkillers, and Disney TV shows such as “Austin and Ally.”  She has been a featured artist on KTLA News, opened for the Gipsy Kings at the Greek Theatre and her music has premiered on radio stations such as KCRW and KIRN in Los Angeles.

Her evolution as an artist has taken many turns, from performing as a solo-acoustic artist to experimenting with pop and house genres. She is an artist who embraces the complexities of life and the possibilities and risks associated with embracing the nuances. Through the course of her music career, she has learned to re-author parts of the cultural identity once lost, a struggle unique to many first-generation immigrants.

She is currently working on her 4th EP, set to release summer of 2018 with Greg Cortez at New Monkey Studio in Los Angeles. Songs on this EP embody powerful, evocative motifs of self-discovery, resiliency, and fate.