Amir Shabanipour

Amir Shabanipour was born in 1979 in Fouman (a city in the north of Iran), and after graduating in Graphic Design (in Rasht), he came to Tehran, the capital of Iran. He has a master’s degree in painting and illustrated over 20 books.

His last three published books are the trilogy of ancient Iranian literature. These books are rereading of old and folklore stories which are suitable for children and adolescents.


His artworks have been exhibited at international exhibitions in Italy, South Korea, Slovakia, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Japan, South Africa, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and Portugal. Several works have been published in South Korea, Spain, and Turkey, and he has received several awards and honorary diplomas. Such as the Diploma of Honor of the Bologna International Illustration Exhibition (Italy), the “Green Island” Award for the Concours (South Korea), the Certificate of Appreciation, and the Second Prize for the Noma Concours (Japan).

Amir’s childhood, spent in the heart of lush nature and his native village in northern Iran, has greatly influenced his professional work. Many of his paintings are taken from memories be remembered from childhood. He tries to make a connection between the past and the present with his pictures. He is attached to its history and cultural roots and is loyal to the original art of his land. But he did not stop searching for contemporary art. In addition to illustration, he is a member of the painting faculty at the University of Gilan Province, and he lives in Rasht.