Ali Zolghadri

Ali Zolqadri continued his studies in computer science. He started photography in 2015 and became interested in photography in the style of minimalism. He lives in Tehran, Iran.
He has participated in several international competitions and won numerous awards. His pictures have been published in several photography magazines.
For Iranian minimalist and fine art style photographer Ali Zolghadri, simplicity is the key element of his work. He finds most of his subjects in Tehran and always tries to include concepts and content in the images he creates. Thereby, expressing the beauty of human moments and revealing clean, minimalistic line images to show Tehran’s multiple facets is one of Zolghadri’s main objectives. Every of Zolghadri’s photographs tells a story about the city of Tehran. Zolghadri’s intense interest in simplicity, as well as in the combination of the human mind with content and subjects, is what led him to his photography style. In addition, his minimalist style stems from the desire for calmness and the avoidance of visual turmoil. How Zolghadri views his environment results from his thoughts which circle the street subjects in his surroundings. One of the most central elements in this regard are shadows which also serve him as the source of inspiration.